Rajdhani Express reaches Ranchi with lone woman passenger

Ranchi: Ever heard of a train travelling with just one passenger? Believe it or not, but this has happened. The Delhi-Ranchi Rajdhani express traveled from Daltonganj railway station in Jharkhand to Ranchi with just one woman passenger.

As per reports, Rajdhani Express reached Daltonganj station at about 6.40 am on Thursday. However, as there was an agitation going on by a tribal community, the train could not travel further and was halted there. The protesters had blocked railway track near Tori .

Railway had to send all the 930 passengers to Ranchi via bus. However, a girl passenger, who was travelling in B 3 coach with seat no. 51, refused to travel via bus.

The girl, reported as Ananya, claimed that she could have travelled by bus from Delhi if she wanted to. Even though the Railways offered to send her in a cab she refused.

Finally, Railways had to opt for an alternative route to escort the girl passenger to Ranchi.  The train departed from Daltonganj in the evening on the diverted route and reached Ranchi at 1:45 am on Friday morning.

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