Rajasthan Woman Tehsildar Performs Last Rites Of Covid+ Woman As Kin Stay Indoors

Jaipur: The fact that Covid-19, besides killing humans, is killing humanity and human sentiments too was proven in Sikar district when the mortal remains of a woman, who died of Covid, lay outside her house for five hours awaiting her final rites but none of her family members or village people came out.

The husband, all helpless stood alone and kept pleading with one and all to help him in performing her last rites but there was no response.

Finally, the news reached Dhod town’s tehsilar Rajni Yadav via village sarpanch, and she came at the site, carried the body on her shoulder along with her team and performed the last rites after wearing PPE kits.

Speaking to the media, Rajni said, “I was informed by sarpanch that there are some issues in performing the last rites of a Covid-19 patient. I also came to know that her body has to be taken to her village first and the ambulance is not available.

“We started making efforts from our side to get the ambulance from the medical department but all proved futile.”

“We then hired a pickup vehicle and took the body to her village. Her husband and two small kids aged 12-13 year old, were waiting.

“We tried contacting her other family members to come out but no one stepped out. They refused coming out from their houses and hence I wore the PPE kit and performed last rites along with kids,” said Rajni.

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