Railways To Introduce Biometric Entry In General Coaches Of Trains

New Delhi: In order to make travelling easier for general class passengers, the Indian Railways is planning to introduce biometric entry in unreserved coaches of trains.

A successful trial of this was recently conducted in the (12534) CSTM Mumbai-Lucknow Junction Pushpak Express. The technique has proved effective in the management of the crowd. Besides, travellers are easily able to board in the general compartments without any hassle.

For starters, in the Biometric system, seats are available in the general coaches on the basis of first-come-first-serve. After successful completion of this experiment on the Pushpak Express, the Indian Railways is planning to introduce this system in other trains too.

According to this system, when a passenger arrives at the railway station, he will have to use Biometric identification to board on the concerned train. For this, the passenger must give his fingerprint in the Biometric machine. After giving a fingerprint, the seat for the passenger will be reserved in the general bogie of the concerned train.

Once the seat has been reserved, the passenger will have to make his fingerprint match again before boarding on the general coach, then the passenger will get a seat in the compartment with assistance of the RPF.

The number of fingerprints will be taken by the machine for the seat reservation based on the seating capacity of the compartment. Thus, on the basis of the first-come-first-serve, passengers will easily get seats in the general coaches. However, after filling all the seats of the General Coach, the rest of the passengers can stand in the general coach and travel.

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