Rahul Gandhi Visits Mahakaleshwar Temple: BJP Asks ” What’s your Gotra?”

Indore: With reference to Rahul’s previous ‘Janeudhari’ statement, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has controversially asked the Congress president: “What’s your gotra?” following his visit to Mahakaleswar Temple in Ujjain.

“Rahul Gandhi wears a janeu (sacred thread). We want to ask him – he is going to Ujjain – what kind of ‘Jenau Dhari’ are you? What is your gotra? ,” questioned Sambit Patra, speaking in Indore, Madhya Pradesh today.

Last year, Rahul Gandhi had said: “Main Shiv ka bhakt hoon, sachaai mein believe karta hoon. BJP jo bhi bole main apni sachaai mein believe karta hun”, during his visit to Somnath temple.

Twitter has immensely backlashed to Patra’s question.

Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah : “I’d rather he was asked what his agenda is, what his plan for job creation is, what his plan for agriculture is, what his plan to combat inflation is but if all that matters is what his Gotra is then God help us,”.

First Tharoor’s ‘Shivling’ comment and then Sambit’s ‘Gotra’ question, religious comments and exchanges have seemingly become a politival talk of the nation.

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