‘Quack’ cuts vein during delivery, mother-baby die

A woman and her new-born baby died after a quack allegedly cut a vein during a C-section surgery in Meerut of Uttar Pradesh.

Meerut: In a shocking incident in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut district, a woman and her new-born baby died after a quack allegedly cut a vein during a C-section surgery.

The cut led to severe blood loss leading to the death of the woman and the baby.

The incident reportedly took place at the Ratan nursing home located at Parikshitgarh Road in Mawana town. The family of the victim have alleged extreme medical negligence by the doctors.

According to reports, the pregnant woman was brought to the nursing home when she started having labour pain.

During delivery, the doctor reportedly cut one of the veins of the woman. This led to severe blood loss ultimately leading to the death of the mother-baby duo.

Following the incident, the family members of the woman created a ruckus at the nursing home and allegedly indulged in vandalism.

Witnessing the anger, the doctor and nursing home staff fled the scene.

The police finally reached the nursing home and sent the woman’s body for post-mortem.

The victim’s family has filed a complaint with Mawana police alleging negligence of the doctors.

The woman’s husband Krishna Dutt said: “I admitted my wife Seema to the Ratan nursing home in Mawana after she suffered labour pain. The nursing home staff told me that she would have to undergo C-section. During the surgery, the allegedly unqualified doctor cut a stomach vein that led to continued blood loss. This created a panic among nursing home staff who advised me to take my wife to another hospital. But minutes later, my wife and the infant died.”

A police spokesman said that the matter was under investigation.

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