Python With 28 Eggs Rescued From Abandoned Pipe

Gujarat: The forest department official of Gujarat rescued 28 python eggs and a mother python from an abandoned pipe. The officials then helped to hatch the eggs and later released the hatchlings in forest.

This incident has brought many praises to the forest officials for their great work.

According to reports, a farmer of Ambheta village under Navsari district, noticed a python going into a abandoned pipe in his field. Having doubts, he reported the incident to the local forest department officials.

After the forest department reached the place, they saw the python and some eggs inside the pipe. As the mother python was on the watch over her eggs, the forest officials didn’t removed them from there and continued to keep a watch on the eggs all round the clock.

After 70 days of waiting, the mother python finally got out of the pipe. When the team inspected the condition inside the pipe, the eggs had already hatched and they found 28 healthy python hatchlings.
After a preliminary checkup, all the hatchlings were released to the nearby forest.
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