Protesters against CAA reach India Gate, traffic affected

New Delhi: Several protesters including students from different universities gathered at India Gate on Wednesday to take a mass pledge to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The protesters also read out the Preamble of the Constitution with the pledge to show their faith in it.

“We young India resolve to fight back the government imposed CAA-NPR-NRC,” the protesters said in unison as they started their pledge.

Slogans like “kagaz nahin dikhayenge” and “tanashahi nahin chalegi” echoed in the area before and after the protesters took the pledge

“CAA-NPR-NRC all over India threaten to harass, target and disenfranchise numerous common people particularly the poor, minorities and other deprived sections,” the protesters added in the pledge.

The protesters pledged not to show any documents to prove their citizenship and to propagate “complete non-cooperation with anti-Constitution and anti-India forces”.

“We, today on January 1, 2020, reiterate our resolve to give ourselves a society that will be free of oppressors and take oath to NOT SHOW ANY DOCUMENT to prove our Citizenship, And we will Observe and propagate complete NON-COOPERATION with anti-constitution and anti-India forces,” the protesters said.

“We will campaign and convince others to not give dates, papers or any other information sought in the name of ‘proving’ our Citizenship as we have, are and will be Citizens of our dear country!,” they added.

Meanwhile, traffic on Mathura Road from W-point to DPS snarled as visitors gathered at the zoo here. The adjoining areas of India Gate also witnessed slow traffic movement due to the huge gathering and heavy volume of motorists.

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