Power Outage plunges parts of suburban Mumbai into darkness

Several parts of Mumbai plunged into darkness after a power transmission line tripped on Monday evening. The incident was termed as a ‘technical fault’. Reportedly, the outages were from the city’s western suburbs. Some of the areas hit by the outage were Khar, Santacruz, Kurla and Bandra.

While the city continues to toil under soaring temperature, the outage saw Twitter being flooded with people’s angry messages.

The reason behind the outage a supposedly a technical fault at Tata’s receiving station in Dharavi.

In a statement, Tata Power said that it was a short power cut which sustained only for seven minutes.

The statement read, “There was an incident of power tripping today for a very short time (around 7-minutes) due to tripping of 220kV MSETCL OLTS protection at their Trombay  Receiving Station, giving shutdown to 160MW load at Tata Power’s Dharavi Receiving Station. However, the power supply was quickly restored by Tata Power. The power tripping happened at 2130 hrs and it was restored at 2137 hrs today i.e. 9th May 2022.”

This comes nearly two weeks after over an hour of blackout was witnessed by the city’s suburbs and its surrounding localities. Amid soaring temperatures and major leap in power demand, last month India witnessed its worst stage of electricity shortage in over six years.

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