Police remove Congress workers protesting outside ED office

New Delhi: Delhi Police on Monday used mild force and forcibly removed the Congress workers protesting outside the ED office in the national capital as their leader Rahul Gandhi was being questioned by the financial probe agency in connection with the National Herald case.

The party workers who were accompanied by senior leaders were stopped at least 1 km before the ED office as the Delhi Police did not allow them to move forward.

The police had placed several barricades to close the road completely that led to the ED office.

The Congress workers sat in front of the barricades and raised slogans in favour of their leader and against the present dispensation at the Centre.

The police could be seen picking up the Congress workers who were sitting in front of the barricades and bundled them in their vehicle.

Several of them were detained as a precautionary measure.

Congress spokesperson Ragini Nayak who was also there expressed strong resentment against the government.

“This is completely unconstitutional. The Congress workers cannot even gather outside their own office. You are detaining people for a peaceful march. You have turned the whole area into a fortress,” she said.

The spokesperson alleged that this tactic is just to muzzle the voice of Rahul Gandhi, who is the sole critic of the Central government for all its failures.

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