PM Modi suggests for special packages to promote Indian states for destination weddings

Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested ways to promote states as "wedding destinations" to boost tourism on Friday.

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested ways to promote states as “wedding destinations” to boost tourism while addressing a post-budget webinar on the subject of “Developing Tourism in Mission Mode.”

He urged the country to create an environment in which people can travel to different states to celebrate weddings according to local customs.

“Today, destination weddings are a big business. People go to foreign countries. Can special packages be announced for weddings in our states? I will say that there should be an environment in our country; the people of Gujarat should feel that for their weddings, Tamil Nadu should be the place and marriages should be conducted as per Tamil customs. If a family has two children, someone will think of an Assamese traditional wedding for one and Punjabi style for another,” said the PM.

PM Modi further added that, at present, only selected places are being explored for destination weddings.

“Destination wedding business has a big potential. Elites go abroad but middle-class and upper-middle-class people go to local destinations and it has newness. Whenever there is a novelty, it becomes a life-long memory. We haven’t been working in this direction; only limited states are doing it in their own method,” said the PM underlining the need to think out of the box and plan to take tourism in India to new heights.

It was the seventh in a series of 12 post-budget webinars organised by the government to solicit ideas and suggestions for the effective implementation of the initiatives announced in the Union Budget 2023.

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