People want a 5-year Government, not 6 month one: Arun Jaitley

New Delhi: Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley made this bold statement via his personal Twitter handle on Monday. This post was made in reply to the “United India Rally” organized by TMC supremo Mamta Bannerjee at Kolkata on Saturday.

The mega-rally was attended by more than 20 leaders from several regional and national parties for forming an anti-BJP front for upcoming General Election.

The only parties not attending the rally was Odisha’s BJD and Andhra’s YSR Congress. While BJD’s Naveen Patnaik has clarified that his party has been and will continue to maintain equi-distance from both Congress and BJP and hence will fight solo for elections. Addedly, YS Jagan Mohan from YSR Congress in favour of a non-Congress, non-BJP front for upcoming elections.

Arun Jaitley’s Post

Jaitley termed the grand alliance or the mahagathbandhan as a “negative campaign”. He wrote “India’s opposition has a two-fold strategy, firstly, negative anti-Modi agenda and secondly, to combine as many political groups together so as to take the best advantage of the electoral arithmetic.”

He termed this alliance as an Anti-Modi campaign, which is going to fail because anti-incumbency either against the Government or the leader will not happen. He also said that general public very obviously is very happy with the ‘Pradhan Sevak’ Narendra Modi. If this had not been the case then there would not have been the need for the opposition to come together. He stressed, “It is only the fear of his popularity and comeback that is bringing them together.”

Jaitley wrote, “The opposition politics has thrown up four desirous Prime Ministers wishing to challenge Prime Minister Modi. Besides Mamata Banerjee, the other three – Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati and, KCR were significantly absent in Kolkata. 2/3rd of those on stage were those who in the past have worked with the BJP. Some octogenarians reached Kolkata to satisfy their late-life ambitions.”

Jaitley further wrote that he was shocked at the negativity spread by the leaders present in Kolkata rally, and that there was not a single mention of country’s growth or development.

Targeting the leaders there he wrote, “The Didi of West Bengal wants a combination of the political adventurists to back her. From the ultra-adventurist Chief Minister of Delhi to the discards of the BJP, there are not too many takers for her. The presence of the National Conference, RJD and DMK leaders was a ritual. Their State alliance interests necessitate them to be more with the Congress. The Behanji of Uttar Pradesh has a clear strategy – play it hard to get. She believes that in India, only caste matters. She is clear that this is her only opportunity. KCR is presently the exponent of a non-Congress, non-BJP front.” He questioned the presence of a non-Congress, non-BJP front in today’s India.

In the epilogue he asks, “Will 2019 be a replica of 1971? It is Modi vs. an unviable and an unworkable short-lived combination. OR is it Modi vs. Chaos.”

The question’s answers are not known yet but will be found out very soon in results of General election.

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