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Patna doctors retrieve mobile phone from prisoners stomach

In a bizzare incident, a prisoner swallowed a mobile phone when the police conducted raid on the Gopalganj prison on Saturday.

Bihar: In a bizarre incident, doctors at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) in Patna were able to successfully retrieve a mobile phone from the stomach of a prisoner who had swallowed it when the police conducted a raid on the Gopalganj prison on Saturday.

The incident revealed because the prisoner, Qaisar Ali, began experiencing severe abdominal  pain on Sunday, a day after swelling his phone in fear of being caught by jail authorities.

Dr. Ahish K. Jha advised the prisoner to undergo a variety of blood tests and X-rays at the hospital. After the results of the tests, the medical team decided to perform an endoscopic examination, where a mobile phone was detected.

Qaisar Ali was arrested by the Gopalganj police in 2020 on alleged charges of smuggling narcotics near Hajiyapur Village in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh.

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