Parliamentary Standing Committee appreciates effort of Odisha CM for Hockey

New Delhi: The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education, Women, Children, Sports and Youth Affairs in a Press Release today has appreciated the efforts of Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in transforming the performance of Men’s and Women’s Hockey Teams of India.

In the second page of its press release, the Parliamentary Committee notes “The Committee in its collective wisdom has appreciated the efforts taken by Shri. Naveen Patnaik, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha in setting up the High Performance Sports Centres and sponsoring both men’s and women’s Hockey teams through Hockey India since 2018, which has translated into better performance for both these teams at Tokyo Olympics 2021.”

It is indeed a matter of great pride for Odisha that when the State and its dynamic leader CM Naveen Patnaik is being hailed for his efforts and contributions to Indian Hockey.

This Parliamentary Standing Committee is the statutory Parliamentary Committee on the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and therefore its views carry enormous weight and its recommendations and views on CM Naveen Patnaik are now a part of the records in Indian Parliamentary for all times to come.

Here is the press release issued by the Parliamentary Standing Committee

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