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Parents of minor jailed for 3 years, court fined Rs 25,000

Parents of minor in Puducherry have been sentenced to jail for 3 years and the parents also fined with a Rs 25,000.

Tamil Nadu: In a recent incident, the parents of minor in Puducherry have been sentenced to jail for 3 years. Additionally, the parents have been stuck with a Rs 25,000 fine as well.

At present, the complete information about the whereabouts of the incident has not been revealed but it has been told that the parents of this minor have been sent to jail. The Transport Department of Puducherry has announced fines worth similar amounts for the parents if underage kids are caught driving.

It is a serious crime for minors to drive on public roads, and the police have the authority to impose severe penalties on those who do so. Insurance does not cover minors because they are not allowed to drive a car. Additionally, accidents and cases involving minors can become more challenging.

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