Over 150 mostly Indians allegedly captured by Taliban in Kabul

Kabul: Multiple Afghan media outlets reported that around 150 people, mostly Indians, have been kidnapped by Taliban during the evacuation programme from Kabul to which a Taliban spokesman, Ahmadullah Waseq, has rejected the report of abduction.

An Indian Air Force rescue plane- C130J, carried over 85 Indian citizens from Afghanistan this morning. Sources said that the plane landed safely in Dushanbe in Tajikistan for refueling.

On Tuesday, India’s ambassador to Afghanistan and diplomatic staff from Kabul were evacuated back on a C-17 Globemaster aircraft from Kabul. Prior to that, 45 diplomats and security personnel were brought on Monday as part of the evacuation programme.

The IAF aircraft was waiting for the clearance at Kabul airport due to the huge rush as many countries have sent their military planes to evacuate its citizens.

“The US authorities have taken full control of the airport and they are managing the air operation from the war torn country. In this huge rush, charting out a slot for an aircraft and also a safe air route for the evacuation flight have become major challenges for the US authority,” an informed official said.

This was the second evacuation made by the Indian authorities to bring back stranded citizens and Afghan nationals who wanted to leave the war-torn country after the fall of Kabul to the insurgents on August 15.

The first air rescue operation was made on August 17, when an IAF C-17 aircraft brought back 120 Indians, including Ambassador Rudrendra Tandon, the last batch of the Indian embassy staff and ITBP personnel.

However, the government has been making all efforts to bring back Indians and leaders of the Afghani Sikh and Hindu communitiex who have fear Taliban prosecution.

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