Now Students can pursue two degrees simultaneously in physical, online modes

New-Delhi: The University Grants Commission (UGC) on Tuesday announced that students will now be able to pursue two full-time academic programmes including full-time degree courses in physical mode, informed  UGC Chairman M Jagadesh Kumar.

The guidelines will apply to all the programmes available across the country. Students can either choose a combination of a diploma programme and an undergraduate (UG) degree, two master’s programmes, or two bachelor’s programmes. If a student is eligible to pursue a postgraduate (UG) degree and also wants to enroll in a bachelor’s degree in a different domain, he/she will be able to pursue a UG and PG degree simultaneously.

The dual degree option is not mandatory for any university/college and will only come into effect once statutory bodies at the university approve the UGC guidelines and facilitate the new system.

The two-degree option will apply across all courses and combinations of courses provided the university statutory bodies permit so. The eligibility, admission and attendance criteria set by the varsity will have to be followed.


1. Students can pursue two full-time academic programmes in the physical mode provided that the class timings do not overlap. Eg. A student can pursue BA classes in the morning and BCom classes in the evening.

2. Students will be able to pursue two UG or PG degrees/diplomas together in the physical+physical mode or physical+online mode or online+online mode.

3. The two programmes may be pursued from the same university or from different universities

4. Students will be allowed to pursue multidisciplinary programmes. Eg. BA History with BSc Mathematics, BCom Honours with a diploma in Data Science, etc.

5. The degrees and diplomas that the students will be earning through higher education in the two-degree format will be governed by UGC and the statutory bodies of higher education.

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