No distance now between Kartarpur Sahib, pilgrims: PM

Ellenabad/Rewari : The distance between Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara in Pakistan and Guru Nanak’s followers is now ending, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday, the last day of campaigning in Haryana.

Also, he reiterated that the water over which Haryana’s farmers have a right will not flow into Pakistan.

“The BJP, the NDA government has got lucky one more time. The distance between our Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s holy place, Kartarpur Sahib and all of us is now ending,” he said at his first election meeting in Ellenabad in Sirsa district.

“In 1947, those who were responsible for drawing the dividing line did not think that the devotees should not be separated from the Guru by a distance of only four kilometers. Even after this, should the Congress government not have tried to erase this distance in 70 years?”

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“The Kartarpur corridor is almost complete now. This opportunity has come seven decades after independence, 70 years went by. What can be a bigger misfortune than this that we had to see a holy place from afar, through a pair of binoculars,” he added.

“The new national highway built from Kapurthala to Govindwal Sahib near Tarn Taran will now be known as Guru Nanak Dev Ji Marg.”

On an attempt by India to divert the water of rivers flowing into Pakistan, he said: “Once I decide to do something, I always accomplish that. The water over which Haryana’s farmers have the right will not flow to Pakistan now.”

Seeking re-election on the basis of performance of the government, Modi said the state government led by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar had done a lot of development work and ended corruption in appointments.

Attacking the previous governments at the Centre, he said no efforts were made by the Congress to resolve Jammu and Kashmir’s issues.

“What (Article 370) was termed ‘temporary’ in Ambedkar’s Constitution lasted for 70 years,” he said.

Trying to woo people in the opposition-dominated region, Modi said Sirsa is home to exceptional and warm-hearted people. “It’s an honor to serve them”.

Raising the issue of farmers in Rewari, the Prime Minister said, “There has been a vast improvement in irrigation facilities in Haryana.

“But in the coming five years, we have to make Haryana drought-free and water surplus state. The BJP government is engaged in strengthening the agriculture and farming economy. We have set out to prove the resolve to double farmers’ income by the year 2022.”

Modi urged voters in Haryana to reelect the BJP as he promised to take the state on the path of development.

“Isn’t India looking more powerful ever since our government took over? Did I not deliver on my promises?”

“Why did the Congress not abrogate the provisions of Article 370 when it was in power? They had said it in the Parliament, then why did they not do it?” Modi said.

He said the Congress government could not oppose terrorism and terrorists. “They did not think about our soldiers and their families. The Congress government was concerned about its own seats, and not the country.”

He said as soon as he formed government in 2019, his first decision was made for the families who laid down their lives for the country. “Not only Army, we included police officials and paramilitary soldiers who laid down their lives.”

Appealing to the voters, he said, “Just do two things on October 21. First, you should break all records and vote in every booth. Secondly, you have to break BJP’s victory record in Haryana and make BJP win.”

Haryana will go to the polls for its 90 Assembly seats in a single phase on October 21. The counting of ballots will be on October 24.


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