Nirbhaya’s Last Cry Still Gives Her Mother Sleepless Nights

The most infamous December 2012 Delhi gang rape victim’s cries before her painful death still haunt her unfortunate mother. Her utmost request for help went unheeded as the six people, including a juvenile, tortured her for an hour, took turns to rape her, bit her, hit her with an iron rod, shoved it inside her and even used hands to tear her inner organs out. The victim mentioned everything in her last testimony.

In her statement in Hindi to the magistrate five days after the barbaric attack on her, the 23-year-old paramedical trainee, who was admitted to a city hospital in a critical condition, pleaded with the authorities to “burn them alive”.

Along with other things, the charge sheet of the case also has a handwritten statement of the victim, which has barely 20 words scribbled by her in her semi-conscious state. She mentions the rod used against her in the note.

Following paragraphs depict how the victim had narrated her ordeal.

“I was returning after watching ‘Life of Pi’ from Select City mall in Saket. We took an auto from there and reached Munirka. Here we saw a white coloured bus. The conductor of the bus was announcing that the bus was going to Palam and Dwarka. As I had to go to that side, my friend and I boarded the bus. We gave Rs.20 as ticket.

“When I entered the bus, I saw six to seven people sitting. I thought they are all passengers. I sat in the front seat. The bus had yellow curtains and red seats. The windows were closed and had tinted glass panes. I could see from inside, but no one could see from outside.

“After settling in, I looked again at my co-passengers and got little suspicious. But by that time I had already paid the money and the bus had started.

“Five minutes after boarding the bus, the conductor closed the bus gates and switched off the lights. One of the persons then came to my friend and started abusing him.

“While three-four held him, the rest dragged me to the back seat of the bus. They tore off my clothes and then took turns to rape me. They hit me with the rod and bit me.

“Before this, they had snatched the wallet and mobile of my friend.

“Six of them raped me by turns. While one of them shoved the rod inside, another one used his hand to tear my organs out.

“The torture continued for one hour in the moving bus. They took turns driving the bus and raping me.

“From their appearance they looked like drivers and their helpers. I was losing consciousness, but they hit me repeatedly to wake me up.

“My friend tried to save me. But he was also badly beaten up with the rod. He also lost consciousness. They then stripped us and believing that we are dead, threw us out of the moving bus.

“We were both without clothes on the street. A passer-by called the police.

“They should be hanged so that such an incident does not happen with another woman. They should be burned alive,” the young woman, who died Dec 29 at a hospital in Singapore where she was flown by the government after a national outcry and massive protests, said in the statement.

With inputs from IANS

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