Nine states now see Covid-19 cases doubling in 20 days and more

New Delhi: While the average number of coronavirus cases in the country are doubling in every 11.3 days, nine states and Union territories are witnessing the doubling in 20 days and above, with Himachal Pradesh at the lead.

Doubling time means the number of days it takes for the Covid-19 cases to duplicate.

According to the data released by the Health Ministry, coronavirus cases in Assam are doubling in 59 days, Telangana in 70.8 days, Chhattisgarh in 89.7 days and Himachal Pradesh in 191.6 days.

Besides this, Karnataka is witnessing doubling in 21.6 days, Ladakh in 24.2 days, Haryana in 24.4 days, Uttarakhand in 30.3 days and Kerala in 37.5 days.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 cases doubled in 11 days to 20 days in six states. Delhi saw doubling in 11.3 days, whereas cases in Uttar Pradesh became twice in 12 days, Jammu and Kashmir in 12.2 days, 13 days in Odisha, 17.8 days in Rajasthan, 19.1 days Tamil Nadu and 19.5 days in Punjab.

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had earlier said that the rate of growth of new cases in the country is steadying. Before the lockdown, India’s doubling rate was about 3 days.



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