New COVID-19 variant Mu might be resistant to the vaccines

As the world is battling against Covid-19, World Health Organization (WHO) has identified a new coronavirus variant of interest named “Mu”.

The Mu variant was first identified in Colombia in January. It is scientifically known as  B.1.621, and since then it has been reported in other South American countries and in Europe also.

Experts explained that this new variant of coronavirus has been mutating. This has led the scientists to believe that the Mu variant might be resistant to the existing vaccines. This has reminded the experts about the situation with the Beta variant. However, the WHO has also cautioned people that more studies are needed to examine this variant and its resistance further.

The new ‘variant of interest’ is being closely monitored, said UN health agency.

Mu is the fifth variant of interest to be monitored by the WHO since March.


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