Mutant Covid strain: 50% Indians want flights banned

New Delhi: To limit the spread of mutated variant of novel Coronavirus from the UK and South Africa reaching Indian shores, 50 per cent citizens want bubble flights from impacted countries to be suspended, a survey revealed on Monday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on December 19, announced that the newly identified strain of the virus may be up to 70 per cent more transmissible. His Health Secretary Matt Hancock emphasized that the new variant is “out of control”.

The infectious mutation of the Covid-19 virus has caused serious concern around the world. Saudi Arabia, Italy, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, etc., have banned flights to and from the UK after report of the mutant strain came to the fore.

‘LocalCircles’ conducted a survey on 7,091 people after the news also created ripples in India, which is already reeling under the burden of coronavirus infections with over 1 crore and 50,000 cases already.

A question — ‘a new variant of coronavirus has been found in UK and South Africa which is more infectious. What should be India’s approach to bubble flight arriving from such countries?’ was asked to the participants.

To this, 50 per cent participants said that they want bubble flights from impacted countries suspended, while 41 per cent sought mandatory 14-day quarantine for arriving passengers.

Six per cent citizens said that India should continue with the current rules treating flights from these countries similar to others, while three per cent people voted ‘can’t say’.

It is yet to be seen what steps India takes to limit the mutant virus from entering the country. Earlier today, the Health Ministry had called an emergency meeting of its top advisors to discuss the issue.

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