Mundka fire: 2 motivational speakers from Australia dead

New Delhi: The father-son duo, who had come to deliver a sales motivation lecture at the ill-fated building that was gutted in fire on May 13, were also killed in the massive inferno.

The father-son duo, identified as Kailash Jyani (62) and his son Amit Jyani (37), had specially come to India from Australia to deliver the lecture at the Cofe Impax Pvt. Ltd.

“Both of them had come from Australia to deliver the lecture on May 13. They have also died in the incident,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (outer district) Sameer Sharma told IANS.

The said company had around 100 employees, including about 50 women, who worked in a 9-hour work shift from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The senior officer informed that the bodies of the father and son were identified with the help of a gold chain and jewellery he was wearing, however, it can be confirmed only after the DNA sampling.

“One of their relatives, the brother of the deceased, is today arriving from Australia to give the DNA sample and further identify the body,” Sharma said.

On May 13, Friday, in one of the deadliest tragedies that the national capital has seen in the recent years when a massive fire gutted a multi-storey building located near a metro station, charring to death 27 and wounding 12 people in west Delhi’s Mundka area.

Even three days later, the medics are able to only identify eight of the 27 bodies that were recovered from the gutted building. The reason being most of the bodies were burnt to such an extent that, even it was difficult to establish whether the charred remains were of a man or a woman.

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