Mumbai’s middle-aged policemen taken off duties after three died of COVID-19

Mumbai: After the death of three middle-aged police personnel in the past three days due to coronavirus, Mumbai Police has decided on compensation of Rs 50 lakh to such victims in its ranks and taking personnel aged above 55 off duties, an official said here on Tuesday.

Policemen above 55 have been told to remain at home. Those aged above 52 but with serious medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension etc will also follow suit.

Till the lockdown period, local police station staff will operate on 12-hour duty and 24-hour rest system, according to an official spokesperson.

Hydroxychloroquine tablets have been given to 12,000 willing personnel under medical supervision and multivitamins and protein supplements to another 20,000 men to boost their immune systems.

While all hospitals have dedicated Covid-19 beds for police personnel, special hospitals shall now be designated only for treating infected policemen, apart from a special Covid helpline number for the cops and their families with medical professionals to guide them.

Adequate personal protection equipment, face masks, sanitizers, gloves, face shields, etc have been provided to all police personnel on COVID-19 duty, besides food packets, ration, hot water flasks, pandals at checkposts.

For those wishing to stay back, accommodation has been arranged. The state government has “granted Rs 50 lakh ex gratia to all personnel who lose lives fighting Covid,” said the spokesperson.

“All efforts are being made to provide our force with the best of facilities to enable them to stay strong and secure along with their families while serving the city with dedication,” he concluded.

The measures came after three Head Constables in their 50s and attached to various police stations succumbed to Covid-19 in quick succession on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, sending shockwaves in the police force.

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