Mumbai: Stray dog allowed to sleep peacefully at Taj 5-Star Hotel’s entrance

Mumbai: A stray dog has been allowed to sleep peacefully at the entrance of the iconic Taj 5-Star Hotel’s entrance in Mumbai. A guest who stayed in the hotel observed it and wanted to know about it. As she enquired she was informed that this was due to ‘Strict instructions from Ratan Tata…’. She got impressed about it and wrote a post where she was all praise for this. The post went viral.

These days we are coming across reports of stray animals getting harassed, tortured. However, this incident of allowing a dog to take a nap at the entrance of the prestigious Taj Hotel has earned appreciation from every corner. Many people have praised Ratan Tata for his love for animal.

The guest, an HR professional named Dr Rubi Khan (Phd) uploaded a LinkedIn Post during her stay at the Taj Hotel about this incident. She wrote, “During my stay, as I started my day, I noticed a living being sleeping peacefully in the same spot, seemingly carefree.” Khan went further to the staff about letting the stray dog inside the premises of the luxurious hotel. She was delighted by the response she received from the staff as they informed her about the “Strict instructions from Ratan Tata to treat animals well.”

“The entrance of such a prestigious establishment holds significant importance, and there he was, peacefully sleeping, perhaps unnoticed by many of the guests. Amidst the chaos, he owns the place, finding his sanctuary,” she also wrote.

She praised Ratan Tata for his kind consideration towards animals. “It’s a fine balance of head and heart…You can be the most successful entrepreneur, but that should never stop you from respecting and embracing everyone,” she also wrote.

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