Mumbai cook gives electric shock to employer after being scolded

The cook used electric shocks on his employer allegedly in retaliation to being scolded in Maharashtra's capital city of Mumbai.

Mumbai: In a shocking incident, a school teacher in Mumbai fell victim to an attempted culpable homicide by her own cook on Sunday. The cook, identified as 25-year-old Rajkumar Singh, used electric shocks on his employer, Bethsheba Morris Seth, allegedly in retaliation to being scolded.

The distressing episode occurred at a high-rise residence in suburban Andheri during Sunday afternoon. Singh, who had been working as a cook at the flat for two years, gained entry using a spare key.

Seth narrated the harrowing encounter, explaining that upon waking from a nap, she found Singh holding a live wire connected to a socket directly above her. He then forced the wire into her right hand, subjecting her to electric shocks. During the altercation, Singh also attempted to strangle her, causing her head to hit the floor.

Terrified for her safety and that of her 11-year-old son, who was present in the residence, Seth screamed for help. Her son rushed in, but she urged him to hide in another room, fearing Singh might harm him.

After this terrifying episode, Singh abruptly stopped his assault and offered an apology to Seth, acknowledging his heinous actions. He expressed remorse, stating, “Maine yeh kya kiya, mujhe aisa nahi karna tha (What have I done, I should not have done this).” Following Seth’s reluctant acceptance of his apology, Singh left the premises.

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In response to this disturbing incident, an FIR was filed against Rajkumar Singh under section 308 (attempt to culpable homicide) of the Indian Penal Code. The Amboli Police have initiated an investigation into the matter.

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