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MP: 8 Labourers Find Treasure Worth Lakhs From Construction Site, Arrested For Trying To Usurp It

Madhya Pradesh: Eight labourers were arrested in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh for stealing gold coins worth lakhs of rupees from a construction site they were working at.

According to reports, the eights labourers were hired to dig a private property for some new construction work. While working in the 2600 square feet plot of land, they found a metallic container with 84 gold coins. They also found two more gold coins in the same site. The incident happened on August 19 and 21, 2022.

They distributed the treasure amongst themselves instead of informing the authorities.

The gold coins (ginnies) found are reportedly worth around Rs 60 lakhs and collectively weigh around one kilogram. They might be even more valuable after their archaeological worth is determined. The treasure in question seems to be more than 200 years old and is supposedly issued by the princely state of erstwhile Jodhpur, said Ashutosh Mahashabde, head of ASI Indore. He also added that further excavation is being undertaken to search for any other treasure that might be present.

“The treasure trove of archaeological importance was discovered by laborers while clearing the debris at the house, they then decided to not tell the owner and distributed the treasure among themselves,” said ASP Devendra Patidar.

He added that all the valuables had been recovered.

The incident came to light when one of the labourers admitted to some people in a drunken state that he had sold a coin for Rs 56,000 to clear his outstanding loans and buy a second hand phone. Police came to know about the incident and promptly took the people involved into custody.

The owner of the plot, Shivnarayan Rathod told the police that his family had been living in the dilapidated house since the past 100 years. They however had no idea about a buried treasure. His sole motive to start work on the plot was to construct a new house as the old one was in a very bad state.

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