Modi set to make major social media announcement on Sunday

New Delhi: Is PM Modi readying to make a big announcement this coming Sunday? And will it connect the dots on the PMs cryptic announcement on Monday about him thinking of logging off from social media platforms which he dominates like a colossus? As news spread like a raging bush fire, speculation began all round on why the PM who loves engaging with people through social media handles has decided to detox.

This Sunday, March 8, happens to be International Women’s day followed by Holi to be celebrated on March 9 and 10th. Sources close to developments said that PM Modi may make a major announcement on the important date (March 8) that could possibly relate to social media.

In his tweet PM Modi has clearly mentioned his social media accounts on four different platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube – which he is thinking of giving up. No where in his tweet or messaging on other platforms does he hint that he will quit social media entirely. Many opposition leaders, of course had their own interpretations articulating that this may well be a precursor to banning social media platforms in the country.

Moreover, the Govt has taken an adversarial position against big data companies, its stated position as explained by the Ministry of IT is – “Internet has emerged as a potent tool to cause unimaginable disruption to the democratic polity, it was felt that the extant rules be revised for effective regulation of intermediaries keeping in view the ever growing threats to individual rights and nation’s integrity, sovereignty, and security.” Further, the government wants to revise the existing rules for intermediaries or social media apps and platforms that rely on users to create their content, such as TikTok, Instagram et al.

Sources indicated that PM Modi might switch on to a new swadeshi social media platform and may also request his supporters to follow it. For quite sometime, Swadeshi Jagran Manch and RSS think tanks have been suggesting to launch an Indian social media platform like Facebook and YouTube. Industrialists like Anand Mahindra have also tweeted in the past about starting an Indian social media platform too. Yoga Guru Ramdev has also spoken on such lines advocating the creation of a domestic a social media app.

Some BJP leaders on condition of anonymity also dropped hints on the same lines suggesting that an internal message was doing the rounds that BJP karyakartas and followers should join NamoApp’s Swadeshi platform #MyNetwork and give vent to their voice, feelings and emotion. Will NamoApp’s #MyNetwork be the platform on which Indians can create their profiles and exchange messages and ideas? With iconic PM Modi’s endorsement, will he first personally migrate to an Indian social media platform to be followed by a multitude of his countrymen?

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