Modi attacks Oppn alliance, says INDIA name is there in East India Company and SIMI as well

PM Narendra Modi attacked the Opposition alliance 'INDIA', alleging that India name is also there in East India Company

Jaipur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday attacked the Opposition alliance ‘INDIA’, alleging that India name is also there in East India Company and Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) as well.

Attacking ‘INDIA’ during a rally, Modi said, “The Congress and its allies tried to change their name. If a generation or a company gets defamed, immediately the company’s people start their work by installing a new board. Congress and its allied parties are copying such fraud companies and have changed the name from UPA to I.N.D.I.A. The name was changed so that they could hide the betrayal of the farmers in the name of loan waiver and can hide the matter of kneeling down in front of terrorism.”

“Just as Mahatma Gandhi gave the slogan ‘Quit India’ for the British in the freedom struggle, similarly slogans like Corruption Quit India, Terrorism Quit India, Familyism Quit India are needed to make a prosperous India,” said Modi.

He further said that India name is also there in East India Company.

“The name India was not used to show devotion to India, but with the intention of looting India. Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) was formed during Congress regime, India was also there in it, but the aim was terrorism. This name was changed to Popular Front of India. New name, same old job. Had it cared about India, it would not have asked foreigners to interfere in India,” said Modi.

Attacking Congress on the recent episode of Lal Diary as narrated by its sacked minister Rajendra Gudha, the Prime Minister said, “The Congress government means shop of loot and market of lies. The new product of ‘loot ki dukaan’ is Lal Diary.”

Modi further said that ever since the Congress government was formed in Rajasthan, the work of creating hurdles in development is going on.

Commenting on paper leak, he said, “Sikar is known as the city of education, but here only the people of the ruling party are running the paper leak industry. They have played with the dreams of youth, that’s why Congress will have to be removed.”

“There is also a threat to our festivals in Rajasthan. When the stone pelting starts, when the curfew will be imposed, cannot be known. The fearless accused of gangrape make the video viral. From small girls to the teachers who teach in the school, none are safe here. Instead of taking action, Congress leaders are accusing the victim women of lying,” said Modi.

Earlier, in a programme held in Sikar, Modi released Rs 17,000 crore as the 14th installment of the Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. An installment of Rs 2000 was transferred to the accounts of around 9 crore farmers. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot was also supposed to attend this programme, but he skipped it.

The Central government also launched Urea Gold for the farmers. Modi said that the sack of urea which the farmers of the country are getting for Rs 266, is available in Pakistan for Rs 800. It is available in the neighboring country China for Rs 2,100 and in America for Rs 3,000.

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