Mehrauli Murder: ‘Dude, I’ve got news’, Shraddha texted her friend on May 18

New Delhi:  A screenshot of a purported chat between Shraddha Walkar and her friend came out on Wednesday, showing that she was active on social media till early evening of the day she was murdered in May.

Her live-in partner, Aftab Ameen Poonawaalla has been arrested for allegedly killing her and then chopping her body into 35 pieces to dispose it off.

The screenshot showed Shraddha sending a text message to her friend at 4.34 p.m. on May 18.

“Dude, I’ve got news. I got super busy with something,” it read.

Her friend replied: “What’s the news” but Shraddha went silent after that and did not respond to her friend’s message sent at 6.29 p.m.

Her friend sent her message over social media on September 24, asking about her whereabouts and safety. “Where the hell are you. Are you safe,” the friend asked.

Meanwhile, an nvestigation into the gruesome murder has revealed that the accused Poonawalla used her Instagram account till June to give an impression of her being alive.

Investigators said that the police teams are scanning his phone to know more details.

“He was using her Instagram account to avoid any suspicion by her friends,” said an official, adding that police teams are checking his mobile phone details and internet browsing history.

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