Marksheet Is ‘Pressure sheet’ For Students In India, quips PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the new education policy (NEP 2020) will be implemented from 2022 and the students will be studying the new syllabus under the new education policy. PM Modi was speaking in a virtual conference of teachers on Friday.

Modi said that the biggest problem in our current education system is that students pay more attention to mark sheet, grades and marks instead of proper learning and that the mark sheet has now become the ‘Pressure Sheet’.

Even, the families of the students see the mark sheet as the ‘prestige sheet’.

Removing unnecessary pressure from students during the exam is the main objective of the new education policy, the PM said. The course will be futuristic, visionary and scientific, he added.

PM Modi also said that students should be evaluated from different aspects not from one exam as it does not show their development and for that is the reason report card has been introduced in the National Education Policy.

The report card includes different aspect of a student such as skills, abilities and talent etc.

PM Modi also said that the students will move forward towards a new future with this new syllabus during the celebration of the 75th Independence day.

Modi further said that language is the medium for education and education is not the language. The language of study should be the language in which the student can learn easily.

PM also explained that, during the last three decades, the world has changed drastically but our Education System has not been updated and still running on the old pattern and hence the NEP 2020 has been introduced.

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