Man slashes wife with paper cutter for serving dinner late

Mumbai: A 45-year-old man, Firoz Mujawar, allegedly slashed his wife with a paper cutter as she delayed serving him dinner on Thursday night.

Firoz was fierce with her addiction to watching TV shows and Mobile Phones, hence, he attacked her several times with a paper cutter. He was arrested on Friday.

Rahat, 42, endured severe injuries due to multiple deep cuts on her body and face. She is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital.

According to the police, Firoz, a resident of the New Ekta Society in Dahisar East, mistrusted his wife for having an extramarital affair as she was addicted to her mobile phone a lot. Reportedly, the incident happened at 12.30 am when Mujawar turned back home and asked for dinner, but Rahat was busy watching TV shows and didn’t pay attention to his words.

The ignorant behavior of his wife made Firoz angry, and he took the paper cutter from a drawer, He then slashed Rahat multiple times with the weapon, causing more than 10 cuts on her hand, face, and back.

Their 19-year-old daughter, Rahija, heard her mother’s screams. She rushed to her mother and was shocked to see her mother bleeding while her father was holding a paper cutter in his hand. She immediately called the police and reported the whole incident.

After making several calls to the police station, the cops finally arrived at the spot and admitted her mother to the Shatabdi Hospital.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (zone 12) Somnath Gharge, the couple fights regularly.

Mujawar was arrested on the charge of ‘attempt to murder.’

The police took the accused before the metropolitan court, where he was detained in police custody till June 27.

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