Watch: Man mercilessly beats father on street, arrested

Ratanada police have arrested a man for mercilessly beating his father on the streets of Rajasthan. The incident was caught on CCTV.

In a shocking incident, a man mercilessly beats his father on the streets of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. CCTV footage of the incident surfaced online after which the Ratanada police arrested the man.

According to the reports, the man often quarrels with his father regarding household matters. On Sunday, he once again misbehaved with the elderly. However, this time his deeds were caught on camera.

In the clip shared on Twitter by news agency ANI, the man can be seen arguing with his father at first. Soon after the son loses his patience, he picks up a wooden stick lying on the street and starts hitting his father brutally with it.

Further in the video, he can also be seen hitting his parent with his bare hands. Meanwhile, when neighbours tried to intervene and confront him for being brutal with his father, he asks them to stay away and was all ready to through a bucket on them.

However, the old man managed to stop him from doing so and the son then walked away.

Watch Video Here:

Following the CCTV footage, police arrested the man with charges of misbehaving with his aged father under CrPC 151, informed by SHO Ratnada PS.

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