Andhra Pradesh man injects wife with HIV positive blood for easier divorce

In a strange incident, a man from Andhra Pradesh allegedly infected his wife with HIV positive blood to make getting divorce easier.

Vijayawada: In a horrifying incident, a man from Andhra Pradesh allegedly injected HIV-infected blood into his wife. He took this step as a way to make their divorce easier, it has been reported.

On Friday, Tadepalli police registered a case and detained a 40-year-old identified as M Charan. His wife, who is pregnant, filed a complaint against him.

According to the report filed by the victim, Charan took her to a local healer to get her some injections for “good health”. She alleges that he injected her with HIV-laced blood with the help of this healer. The victim stated that she got to know about it when she went for a health check-up at the hospital.

According to a report by a popular news outlet, the accused was in search of a “reasonable excuse” to divorce her wife, hence he plotted this plan to get her HIV positive.

The victim claimed that they had a good relationship prior to 2018. Then her husband started harassing her for more dowry and insisted that she bear a male child. The couple had a daughter. She also claimed that her husband had an extramarital affair with a 21-year-old from Vishakhapatnam, and thus wanted a divorce.

When she questioned him, he reportedly said that she might have contracted HIV during her pregnancy.

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