Major terrorist attack in Jammu & Kashmir may take place before August 5; Pakistan hatches conspiracy!

Jammu & Kashmir: Many leaders in Jammu and Kashmir are on the target of terrorists. Terrorists have hatched a conspiracy for widespread violence in the Valley before August 5, said sources.

The sources further said that this conspiracy has been hatched from across the border on completion of one year of Article 370 removal. Under this, instructions have been given to target leaders, panchayat nominees and security forces personnel. However, the security forces have been instructed to take special vigilance after receiving such information.

Sources associated with security agencies said that before August 5, many incidents can be carried out by terrorist organizations on the instigation of Pakistan in Kashmir. In this, attacks can be done especially on the leaders and panchayat representatives. Policemen can be abducted and threatened to leave their jobs.

Major terrorist attack in Jammu & Kashmir may take place before August 5!

With this, Kashmiri Pandits and other outsiders can be threatened. Incidents of security establishments and security forces may increase.

Sources said that Pakistan will do all this so that it can tell the world that despite the removal of Article 370, not much has changed in Jammu and Kashmir. Even before this, it has lodged a protest against the removal of 370 in many international forums.

The most sensitive is southern and northern Kashmir. After the assassination of Kashmiri Pandit Sarpanch Ajay Pandita in Anantnag, not only the Kashmiri Pandits but the common panchayat representatives are also in awe. They are constantly demanding their protection.

Speaking about the possible terrorist attack, DGP Dilbag Singh said that the security forces are capable to deal with every situation. The atmosphere in the valley will not be allowed to deteriorate in any way. The terrorists are constantly being screwed. So far this year more than 120 terrorists have been killed. Those who remain will also be killed. As such, the security forces remain in alert mode at all times, but special vigilance will be taken on the Amarnath Yatra and August 5.

Kashmir’s IG Vijay Kumar says that if any public representative poses any threat or has received any threat, such people will be provided security. Protecting everyone is the priority of the police. Such people should meet and share information with the police.

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