Maharashtra Govt caps cost of treatment for Black Fungus in private hospitals

Mumbai : Maharashtra government has now issued a notification which has made fixed rates for Black Fungus Patients on the basis of the cities they are located in – Class A or B or C.   These Cities have been categorised on the basis of insurance premiums and different allowances.

In Maharashtra, Mumbai is categorised in class A and the areas includes 1) Brihanmumbai MCGM 2) Mira Bhayander MNC 3) Thane MNC 4) Navi Mumbai MNC 5) Kalyan Dombivali MNC 6) Ulhasnagar MNC 7) Ambernath MC 8) Kulgaon Badlapur MC 9) Panvel MC. The other city, Nasik is listed in Class B and the areas includes: 1) Nasik MNC 2) Eklahare C.T. 3) Devlali Cantonment 4) Bhagur MC.

The notification issued by Maharashtra government mentions that the charge for General Isolation ward for cities categorized on Class A is Rs- 4000 Rs, for Class B is 3000 Rs and for class C it is Rs 2000 per day.  The maintenance charge are for Bed charges, nursing charges, Meals, Monitoring & investigations like CBC, Urine Routine, HIV spot, Anti HCV, Hbs Ag etc.

Meanwhile, the charge of ICU wih ventilator for class cities is Rs 9000, for B class cities it will be charge 6700 and for C class cities it will be charge Rs 5400.  Whereas, the Charge of ICU without ventilator for a class cities is Rs 7500, for B class cities 5500 and for C class it will charge 4500.

A single dose of Amphotericin B can range between Rs 5000 and Rs 8000, and the medicines have to be taken for at least 4-12 weeks. In this case the daily cost of treating a Mucormycosis patient can be in the range of Rs 60,000 to Rs 80,000. In this case, it will not be affordable for all, so government will take special care about it.

According to the data provided by State Health Department, around 5,763 cases of Black Fungus have been reported in Maharashtra and 476 people have succumbed so far.

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