Madhya Pradesh: Children study with umbrellas in class

Seoni/Bhopal: A picture of a primary school in the Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh is going viral on social media, in which children are sitting in the classroom with umbrellas.

While sharing the picture, Congress has raised questions about the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government. Congress’ state president Kamal Nath’s media coordinator Narendra Saluja has tweeted a picture in which the children are seen sitting in the classroom with umbrellas while teachers are teaching. The picture is revealing the condition of the school buildings.

Saluja wrote in a tweet, “Big claims about state-of-the-art CM Rise School in Shivraj government in Madhya Pradesh on one hand and students forced to study with umbrellas inside the school to avoid water dripping from the roof in the primary school of Khairikala village of Seoni district of the state on the other. This is the reality of Shivraj govt.”

People from several quarters have taken a jibe at the picture going viral on social media. “This is the condition of the school buildings of the state that children are sitting with umbrellas during the rain even in the classroom,” they said. Earlier, an incident of students using ropes to cross a river to go to school had come to light.


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