Lata Mangeshkar wrote a letter in Gujarati for 1st time to PM Modi’s mother

New Delhi: Though Lata Mangeshkar’s mother tongue was Marathi, but she sang in many languages in her life as a singer. For the first time she wrote a letter in Gujarati, and that to Heeraben, the mother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Lata didi wrote this letter to Heeraben in June 2019 when Narendra Modi won the general election with a thumping majority and became the Prime Minister for a second consecutive term.

In Gujarati, the legendary singer wrote: “Congratulations to your son and my brother for becoming Prime Minister for the second time in a row. I’m writing for the first time in Gujarati so forgive me for any mistake.”

She sent her wishes to Heeraben for her son Narendra Modi, on winning the general elections and his second term as the country’s Prime Minister.

In the letter, Lata Mangeshkar addressed Modi as a brother and herself as daughter to Heeraben.

The legendary singer breathed her last on Sunday after a month-long hospitalisation due to Covid-19 and other ailments. the Prime Minister visited Mumbai to pay his last respects to Lala didi.

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