K’taka police get Rs 10L bond from man who ran his car over street dog

Bengaluru: Karnataka police have taken Rs 10 lakh bond from accused Adi Narayana Naidu, grandson of former MP D.K. Adikeshavulu Naidu, for running over his car on street dogs. The accused was given a stern warning that if he indulges in case of animal cruelty in future he will be put behind bars, police said on Saturday.

Accused 23-year-old Adi Narayana Naidu had deliberately run his Audi car over a street dog Lara and killed it in the limits of Siddapura police station in Bengaluru six days ago. The CCTV footage of the incident also went viral on the ocial media triggering public outrage.

Later, animal activists who lodged complaints against Adi in connection with the incident were threatened that they would meet the same fate as the street dog, which further raised concerns among the public. The police finally arrested the accused and released him on bail.

Harish Pande, DCP (South) talking to IANS said, the police have taken Rs 10 lakh bond from the accused person in connection with animal cruelty case. Usually, the bond for such an amount is taken from rowdy elements and people who threaten peace.

He said, the accused has also been warned that if he indulges in any act of animal cruelty in future, his bond amount will be forfeited and he will be sent to imprisonment for the bond period which is one year.

“It is the first such case in the division where such a hefty amount is taken as a bond from the accused in the animal cruelty case. It will create fear among those who indulge in animal cruelty,” he explained.

Badari Prasad Margasahayam, former corporate consultant and animal activist, who filed the complaint against the accused told IANS that it is the first time in the country that such a hefty amount has been taken by the police in the case of animal cruelty. “Usually accused persons get away with paying a fine of Rs 200. Since we managed to get complete evidence, the accused was cornered,” he said.

“It was found that previously on Jan 22 at 5 p.m., the accused made an attempt to kill street dogs at the same place where a recent incident occurred with a Black SUV. The police were given CCTV footage and evidence. The police have seized the vehicle and taken up a complaint against him,” Margasahayam explained.

“We told the accused who asked us to withdraw the complaint to send the person who drove the car on the animal, as we wanted him to know what he had done was absolutely unacceptable and atrocious. He had to realize he had driven the vehicle in a murderous way,” Margasahayam explained.

Hundreds of animal lovers participated in the final rituals of Lara on Tuesday, the street dog, which was killed by the accused. Sandalwood actress turned politician Ramya also joined animal lovers.

The cremation of Lara has been conducted at Sumanahalli animal’s crematorium. Laura was brought to the crematorium in an ambulance.

School children who joined the mourning condemned the death by holding posters denouncing animal cruelty. They also brought roses and other flowers for the deceased canine.

Actress Ramya speaking after the cremation stated that accidents do happen, human beings do commit mistakes, but, in this case, the dog has been run over deliberately. “We couldn’t tolerate this. Laws regarding animals are not strict in our country. The accused pay Rs 50 and come out. Empathy is not only for human beings, it should be there for animals too,” she said.

“Firstly, the law has to be strengthened. People with deep pockets will escape from clutches of law. I request the government to strengthen laws in this regard,” Ramya said.

The case has been filed under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 Section 11, IPC Section 428. Additional charges of issuing threat to life have also been added.


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