Kolkata nightclub faces severe backlash after drugged monkey video goes viral

A nightclub in Kolkata faced a severe backlash after a video went viral of a chained monkey that appeared ti be drugged

Kolkata: A Kolkata nightclub faced a severe backlash after a video emerged of its customers petting a chained monkey that appeared to be drugged.

The nightclub Toy Room, located in the city’s Camac Street area, organised a circus-themed party on Friday, where a chained monkey was seen inside the club.

As the clip went viral on social media, several people, including actor Swastika Mukherjee, expressed shock at the animal cruelty and called for the club to apologise.

Anindya Chatterjee, who is known as an animal lover said, “If one wants to use animals at a commercial place on one needs permission. First of all, why should an animal be for our commercial benefit and fun? Why? The monkey was petrified. I feel the authorities should take severe steps against them to set an example.”

The Kolkata Police registered an FIR against the nightclub on the complaint of a forest ranger officer.

“The management authority of Toyroom, along with some other responsible persons, in furtherance to their common intention organised a Circus theme party on June 16. During that time they chained up a baby monkey for amusement which showed cruelty to that animal,” the complaint reads.

Following this, the nightclub issued a statement in which they claimed that ‘Toy Room had no role to play in hiring the monkeys and the madaris.’ And denied all the allegations. As per the club, the madaris were in the ground-level area of the club.

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