Kids attend classes atop tree in this village of Maharashtra: Watch

While in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic schools across the country are closed, many schools have opted for online classes. However, getting proper network is not an easy task so far. And especially in rural pockets things get even more difficult.

In such circumstances, an unusual instance has surfaced where it has been seen that students are getting lessons while sitting atop a tree. After getting uploaded to Twitter the photos have gone viral.

The photos are reportedly from Dhadgaon village in Nandurbar district in Maharashtra. Posting the photos on Twitter ANI captioned it, “Maharashtra: Man in Dhadgaon village, Nandurbar district gives lessons to children using smartphones while sitting atop a tree, in order to get better network connectivity. Deputy Director Education Divisional Nashik Pravin Patil says, the area has fewer mobile network towers.”

In the photos we can see that kids of primary Classes are sitting on different branches of the tree. Not only the students, the teacher is also sitting on a branch along with a black board and providing education to the students.

It has been learnt that the class goes on atop the tree as mobile receives proper signal at a height. The tree is on the top of a hill. The students daily climb the hill and then the tree to get education.

The said tree-top class has been epithet at Digital Tree School by some netizens.

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