KGMU, CDRI collaborate for corona vaccine

Lucknow: The King George’s Medical University (KGMU) in Lucknow is now collaborating with the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) here for three major research projects, including development of a vaccine for the coronavirus.

The university, which is conducting highest number of corona tests in the state, has also been approached for the use of natural herbal products in the treatment of the disease by the Central AYUSH ministry.

According to KGMU Vice-Chancellor Prof M.L.B. Bhatt, there are at least seven research projects initiated simultaneously by the KGMU in collaboration with other scientific institutes.

“With CDRI we have three research projects – one is a molecular research to know the reasons for disease causation, second one is for finding treatment methodologies and a third project is to develop a vaccine for the virus. We have also submitted confidential proposals on novel coronavirus to the ICMR for its approval.”

The KGMU is the first medical facility in the state to start convalescent plasma therapy.


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