Kerala man hit jackpot worth Rs 1 crore before selling dream home

An indebted Keralan man named Mohammed Bava had reportedly won a lottery on Monday for Rs 1 crore. To pay off the debt, the Kozhikode homeowner was prepared to sell his dream house for Rs 40 lakh, reported India Today.

Two hours prior to the planned sale, a 50-year-old Kozhikode, Kerala, man who needed to sell his house to pay off debt won the Rs. 1 crore jackpot.

On Monday, painter Mohammed Bava was prepared to accept the nominal advance for the sale of his 2,000 square foot home when he hit it rich. Eight months ago, the house had been constructed.
Bava claimed that after selling their only possession, he and his family had made the decision to move into a rented home including their school going kids. Five kids, four daughters and a son are the children of Bava and his wife Annie. Two elder daughters are married.

After the wedding of his daughters and the house’s construction, Bava fell into a debt trap. He owed Rs 50 lakh to banks and relatives and had taken out loans to send his son to Qatar.
Bava continued to purchase lottery tickets in the hopes of winning the jackpot because none of his pals helped him.

When the group to buy the house arrived at Bava’s residence at 5 o’clock, Bava backed out of the deal.

He will receive about Rs 63 lakh after deduction of taxes as the lottery amount.

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