Kerala Floods: Rain Alert Limited to 3 Districts

Thiruvananthapuram: With the weather slightly clearing up in Kerala, no red alert was issued for the first time since August 8 by the India Meteorological Department. But the IMD has warned of heavy rain in 3 districts of the State- Ernakulam, Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta on Sunday. An orange alert is in place for these districts.

Skymet Weather also forecast moderate to heavy with very heavy rains over Kerala. These conditions are expected to continue for the next 48 hours, but a marginal reduction in rainfall activity can be anticipated.

Amid Kerala battling the worst floods, neighboring states have lend a helping hand in rescue operations. Four teams of Surat Fire Brigade have arrived in Kerala for flood relief operation. The team had earlier carried out operations during Kosi and Tapi floods.

Specialised Fire Services Officials from Odisha too joined the rescue and evacuation drive in Kerala on Saturday. One team of rescue personnel with 33 power boats were deployed in Kottayam. A 120-member team left for Alappuzha district with 30 power boats for rescuing the stranded persons. They are being led by Sukantha Sethi,Chief Fire Officer.

Andhra Pradesh government sent a 80-member squad on Saturday night for the evacuation drive.

Meanwhile, two shutters of Idukki reservoir has been closed to limit the inflow, reported news agency ANI.


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