Karnataka elections: Celebrations at Congress HQ in Delhi

With the lead of 120 seats in the Karnataka elections, the party workers started celebrating at 24 Akbar road, the party head office.

New Delhi: With the Congress crossing the magic number ‘113’ and leading on 118 seats in the Karnataka Assembly elections, the party workers started celebrating at 24 Akbar Road, the party head office.

Bursting crackers, distributing sweets and carrying Congress flags, scores of workers, including several leaders were seen at the party headquarters celebrating the election result trends.

Congress also tweeted a video of Rahul Gandhi during his Bharat Jodo Yatra with the song ‘Unstoppable’ by Sia playing in the background.

“I’m unstoppable. I’m a Porsche with no brakes. I’m invincible. Yeah, I win every single game. I’m so powerful. I don’t need batteries to play. I’m so confident. Yeah, I’m unstoppable today,” the lyrics of the song were played in the video.

As per latest the Election Commission of India (at 11.24 a.m.), the Congress was leading in 118 Assembly seats in Karnataka on Saturday.

As per the Election Commission, Congress’ vote share is currently at 43.1 per cent in the southern state, whereas the BJP stands at 36 per cent.

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