ISRO Chandrayaan-2 Mission: India attempts for Moon 2nd time

New Delhi: In its attempt to search for water, India will launch Chandrayaan-2 satellite from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh on July 15 at 2:51 am. The mission will explore the Moon’s South Polar Region and is expected to land on September 6 or 7.

Almost the entire Chandrayaan-2’s orbiter, lander and rover have been designed and made in India. It will use its most powerful rocket launcher, GSLV Mk III, to carry the 2.4-tonne orbiter, which has a mission life of about a year.

The spacecraft is designed to go where no spacecraft has ever gone before. The South Polar Region of the Moon is an unexplored region. Additionally, it holds the maximum promise for the presence of water as well as of fossil footprints that can reveal some information about the origins of the earth and the solar system.

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With Chandrayaan-2, India will continue its search for water on the lunar surface after Chandrayaan-1 in 2009 made the breakthrough of discovering the presence of water molecules on the Moon’s surface. The colonisation of the Moon can only be possible after the presence of water is confirmed.

Chandrayaan-2 is ISRO’s most ambitious mission to date. And it shows that India is not just ready to compete with the advanced countries in space exploration and human missions, it is even capable of taking the lead.

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