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IMD issues names for upcoming cyclones in 13 countries


New Delhi: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Tuesday released a detailed list of names of tropical cyclones over north Indian Ocean, including the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.

Worldwide, there are six Regional Specialised Meteorological Centres (RSMCs) and five regional Tropical Cyclone Warning Centres (TCWCs) which issue advisories and names of tropical cyclones.

The IMD is one of the six RSMCs to provide tropical cyclone and storm surge advisories to 13 member nations, which include Bangladesh, India, Iran, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the UAE and Yemen.

The list comprises names of 13 cyclones each for the 13 member countries, totaling to 169. The names for India include Gati, Tej, Murasu, Aag, Vyom, Jhar, Probaho, Neer, Prabhanjan, Ghurni, Ambud, Jaladhi and Vega.

Some of the names for Bangladesh are Nisarga, Biparjoy, Arnab and Upakul.

Tropical cyclones forming over different ocean basins are named by the concerned RSMCs & TCWCs. For north Indian Ocean, including Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea, the RSMC, New Delhi, assigns the name to tropical cyclones following a standard procedure, an IMD release stated.

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