IMA opposes mixing of AYUSH with MBBS in internship

New Delhi: Indian Medical Association (IMA) has raised objection to the provision of including the AYUSH into the modern medical system during the training of medical students, saying “it is contrary to the established norms, superfluous and an attempt to initiate mixopathy”.

In a letter to National Medical Commission (NMC), the IMA said, “It is not prudent for an Intern trained in modern medicine to partake and practice a system of medicine which he has not learned in under graduation with know-how and show-how paradigms.”

“And straightaway coming to do it in an internship is dangerous to the public and the system,” mentions the IMA in its letter on Thursday.

Referring that AYUSH and its components are vast subjects, the IMA said “working there for a week the intern will not learn any new skill, and there is no clarity who shall be their mentor, and will they be assessed by NMC faculty norms or not”.

“What objective, role or competency will be learned which will augment his competencies as IMG? Are we adding engineering and Agriculture science too for a week as it will make him a perfect human being?” the IMA asked.

One week-period exposure, especially in another system of medicine will only pave the way to a half-baked mixopath, which is disastrous for the country, it said.

“IMA fully opposes the inclusion of one-week exclusive elective posting which is contrary to the established norms, superfluous and an attempt to initiate mixopathy. IMA strives for purity of profession.”

“The rider for the said elective is very clear to the effect that provided the said discipline is available in the same college or institution where the internship is being done by the intern,” said the IMA, adding “in this pretext, attempts will be made to introduce all these disciplines inside the modern medical hospitals, and slowly mixopathy will creep in”.

The IMA noted it is also to be borne in mind that in terms of the interpretative pronouncement made by the Supreme Court in a series of proclamations that the registered medical practitioner in a given path, whereunder he or she have been trained and possesses the requisite registering qualification, is entitled to practice the said profession and not trespass any other profession in any manner by practicing the same.

“This being binding and established position of law, any posting in the name of elective in the period of internship which has no bearing in regard to the competencies that the intern would be entitled to practice as registered medical practitioner are neither open nor permissible for inclusion in the said internship programme, otherwise, it will be violative of this binding settled legal position in terms of it being law of the land.”

The IMA said it appeals to delete Section 4.3 (17), which says exclusive elective posting of one week in any one of the AYUSH medicine available in the medical college to be given as a mandatory elective posting.

The IMA submitted seven-point observations with a firm request to the NMC to delete section 4.3 (17) and do necessary corrections for the other comments placed.

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