Illicit affair: Man elopes with his son’s wife

Haryana: In a shameful incident, a man allegedly eloped with his son’s wife in Panipath’s Soni colony of Harayana. The man identified as Salim.

According to reports, Salim was in a illicit affair with his daughter-in-law Asama for a long time but the family members could not get any clue about their relationship as they always pretend to quarrel in front of everyone in the family.

The incident came to light after the CCTV footage of them running away in the night was revealed. Till then the family members were unaware about them.

As reported by the Patrika, Asama had married to Abdul four years ago and have a three-year-old daughter and a 10-month-old son from him. They were living with her father-in-law Salim in their house in Panipat.

Somehow Salim and Asama fell in love and started an illicit affair behind Abdul’s back and run away from home to live together.

Asama reportedly added sedatives in the food of the family members due to which everybody became unconscious. Salim came out of the house near 4 AM and waited for Asama. After some time when she came out of the house with her 10-months old son and run-away. They did not even cary their mobile phones in fear of being traced.

The next morning, their family members searched for them everywhere, asked the relatives for their where about but there was no news of them, so they decided to file a report in the police station. The report was filed on August 28.

This incident happened 14-days ago and the family members are still in shock.

Asma’s husband Abdul, who is ashamed and does not have courage to face anyone, said that there was nothing between Asama and Salim. In fact a serious verbal spat happened between his father and wife a few days ago and they had stopped talking to each other and they always acted as if they can’t tolerate each other’s presence. He also added that this step of Asama and his father has brought shame for the whole family.

Meanwhile, an investigation by the cops is underway.

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