Hyderabad woman loses her vision due to smartphone

A Hyderabad woman lost her vision due to excessive use of her smartphone at night after quitting her job.

A Hyderabad woman lost her vision due to excessive use of her smartphone. The symptoms started to show after the Hyderabad woman quit her job and started spending hours on her smartphone.

Dr. Sudhir, who is a neurologist from Hyderabad, took to Twitter and revealed how a 30-year-old woman’s habit of looking at her smartphone at night in a dark room led to vision damage.

The doctor shared in his Twitter thread that one of his patients, named Manju, came to him with the symptoms of seeing floaters, intense flashes of light, dark zigzag patterns, and occasionally having trouble seeing or focusing on objects. During the examination, it was determined that she had smartphone vision syndrome (SVS), which can cause problems with the eyes, including blindness.

This syndrome can even result in complete or partial vision loss, making matters even more serious. Even though medication and lifestyle adjustments can still cure the condition, responsible smartphone use is still necessary.

Smartphone vision disorder is a collection of eye and vision issues brought on by working close to a digital screen. It is one of the growing health issues associated with smartphones and tablets as a result of their frequent and extended use.

Dr. Sudhir added, “Take a break for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of using digital devices.” The doctor advised taking a 20-second break every 20 minutes to look at something 20 feet away while using a digital screen (“the 20-20-20 rule”). After a month of corrective measures, including her brief nighttime vision loss, Manju’s vision was restored.


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