Homemaker’s bike expedition for awareness on use of Helmet

Bhubaneswar:  Keeping in view the increasing number of road traffic accidents a homemaker from Mathura has set out in a one woman bike expedition to create awareness on use of helmet.  After her arrival at Cuttack on Thursday we chatted with her regarding her purpose of the bike expedition.

Puja Yadav said, “I always notice people, especially teenagers, don’t wear helmets while driving. If I am not wrong they do so   to maintain their style statement. However, driving  bike without wearing  helmet is not only perilous for the driver but it is also dangerous for the pedestrians as well as others. My expedition is all about creating awareness for use of helmet to have a safe ride.  Awareness of the consequences of road traffic injuries is lagging among policymakers and the general public”.

According to reports most of the casualties and critical injuries reported in two wheeler accidents are due to lack of helmet. . The 31-year-old biker started the expedition from Noida on November 20. So far she has traveled Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. She is supposed to cover 5000 km across the country in this expedition.

Photo: The Hindu


Puja feels the initiative (to wear helmet) should come from homemakers, because a homemaker can ensure her family members to wear helmet before they hit the road for safety.

Yadav’s expedition is being funded by TRAX, a Delhi-based NGO.  After her arrival in Cuttack Mrs Yadav was welcomed by Forum for Prevention of Road Accidents (FPRA) and social organization Supratibha. She was felicitated by MLA Prabhat Biswal and Commissionerate police .

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